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Victoria Secret Body Butter Discontinued

Victoria's secret pink is a high-quality, discontinuous, and affordable body butter that is now discontinued. Our luminous body butter content is designed to give you beautiful, glowing skin every time. Our ten-ounce bottle will give you a total of 10. 5 oz. Of product.

Victoria's Secret Body Butter Discontinued

Hey everyone! as you all know, victoria has been usingvictoria's secret body butter for years now. And I just wanted to share with you all this week how great of a difference it has been! I don't even know where to start. I use it on my skin when I need to feel rough and or dry, and it's just amazing. I definitely wouldn't use any otherkind of butter though, because victoria's secret is just amazing! so, make sure to stock up on it while it's still available, because it's sure to be a popular item! thank you, victoria, for all your work with this amazing product!

Did Victoria's Secret Discontinued The Body Butter

Did victoria's secret discontinue the body butter? this brand is new and has only been sold out for three brands: manji, pmd, and bouquet. You may want to try all of these brands if you're looking for a body butter that will last. if you love your victoria secret jojoba butter, then we have the perfect quantity of this sweet surrender bodymist at 8. 4 oz. Thisbnisher has the victoria secret jojoba butter sweet surrender bodymist available in eight. this was one of the most popular products from victorias secret and is now being discontinued. The body butter is a deep red and has a pink halo around the bottle. if you're looking for a luxurious, discontinued type of body butter that will make your body feel soft and smooth, look no further than victoria's secret's current secret body butter. This discontinued product is made of jombe oil and is a light brown in color. It has a fruity smell and a light, creamy texture. It's perfect for use in your bathtub, about face, or as a slightly spilled body butter.