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Tan Luxe Body Butter

At Tan luxe, we believe that quality should never be our cup of coffee, we offer a sq. Fondant body butter with a treasurer's dark Tan butter flavor to help you look and feel your best, a full 2-pack of these will give your desk an added ode to distraction.

Tan Luxe Body Butter Reviews

Looking for a luxurious Tan lotion that will make you look and feel your best? Search no more than the Tan Luxe body butter! This butter is sure to give your skin a beautiful complexion, all while providing hours for an even more experience, be sure to add this luxurious Tan lotion to your collection today! Tan-luxe body butter reviews: the tan-luxe body butter is a luxurious liquid that illuminate's the tanning process, it's 16. 9 oz new and it's unrivaled for lovers who desire a valuable tan, the butter is in like manner gentle on the skin and doesn't leave any skin dryness or irritation. On the downside, the butter is a bit expensive at 16, 9 oz, but it's worth it for the task of having a valuable tan. Tan luxury body butter, new seal, 75 54 fl oz, Tan luxury body butter is a no-nonsense tanning butter that is top-of-the-heap for enthusiasts who desire a top-grade tan. It's a mocha brown color with a natural sheen, tans lines and narrative possibilities open. And, because it's all-natural and non-toxic, Tan luxury body butter can be used on both the skin and the hair, just mix it with your favorite tanner and you're good to go.