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Ogx Body Butter

If you're scouring for a smooth, hydrated style of care, feel free to try Ogx body butter, our natural body wash is formulated to hydrate and protect your skin, leaving you feeling smooth and soft. A 19, 5-ounce bottle will last up to 19 uses, so you can experience everything we know about our product, and always choose the best ingredients.

Best Ogx Body Butter

The Ogx body butter is a dream come true for an admirer digging for a smooth, hydrated and smooth body wash, it contains 19. 5 fl oz of coconut oil and is produced to soothe and hydrate the skin, if you're digging for a smooth, hydrated feeling in your home base, and want to feel soaps no one can resist, then a body wash like the Ogx hydrating moisture shea soft body wash is the for you! Made with a combination of shea and shea butter, this wash gentle down skin on your hands and feet, leaving it soft, smooth, and fresh-tasting. This good-quality, lightweight body wash is top-quality for dry skin, it contains shea butter and soft butter, two essential ingredients for any skin care routine. The water and shea butter mix creates a smooth, water-based butter that will help keep your skin hydrated and digging healthy and soft, introducing the newest addition to the Ogx line of body butter sprays! This 3-bottle of Ogx body imparts been designed to hydrate and smooth your skin. It's made with herbal and natural ingredients that will leave you feeling smooth and soft, give it a try today.