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Whish Lavender Body Butter

Introducing the Whish collection! We've brought back the amazing Lavender body butter to continue to give you the everything you need for a luxurious, long life, this 1932 fl. Size imparts been completely renovated with a new boosting feature, and now you can enjoy your body butter all you want, without having to lug around a lot of expensive jar fills. The 32 fl, size is just right for anyone, and it's jumbo size means it will be big enough to cover your whole body. So go ahead and take care of yourself with Whish Lavender body butter.

Whish Lavender Body Butter Walmart

Whish Lavender body butter is a new, stand-out body butter line from whish, this body gel is an 13-ounce size with a pump, so it can be easily spilled on your skin. The whipped butter is light and refreshing, with a clean, Lavender scent, it is excellent for your delicate skin. 5 oz sealed body butter that contains Lavender extract and a base, the product is fabricated with all-natural ingredients and is fabricated to last hydrate and hydrated your skin! This body butter is likewise for uncomplicated storage and travel. Whish Lavender body butter is a naturalmaterials: Whish Lavender body butter 16 oz, is a natural, 14 inch square container made of materials that will give your skin what you need when you need it most - fasting, lasting hydration. The 16 oz, is a top-of-the-line substitute for suitors who crave the benefits of Lavender essential oil but don't want to operate harsh chemicals or harsh ingredients that can irritate your skin. This container is further first-class for individuals who yearn to feel their best while still keeping their skin healthy, the Whish Lavender luminous body oil is a new, sealed form of body oil that provides hydration and luminosity. This oil as well with a natural oil blend that gives the oil a professional look and feel, this oil is capable of carrying the look and feel of a luxurious, traditional body oil with a few simple steps. The 8 fl oz, bottle of Whish Lavender luminous body oil comes from a column of pure, natural Lavender oil. This natural body oil is said to be gentle, effective and effective in carrying the smell and scent of the natural Lavender plant.