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Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Butter

This natural and rich body butter is top-of-the-heap for fragile hands and demeanor, the Cocoa is powerful enough to protect and gluten free, it will not cause irritation. This product is valuable for individuals who are wanting for a luxurious and efficient skin care solution.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Butter

This product is an 6, 8 oz. Bag of Vaseline intensive care Cocoa Radiant body butter, it is a bright, vibrant type of Cocoa butter, rich in natural sugar and wax. It extends a tantalizing scent of Cocoa Radiant pure Cocoa butter, and makes a difference in keeping the body heated and shining, it is a splendid surrogate for the home cook or the more advanced athlete. This rich, cocoa-based body butter provides a luxurious, uplifting care for the skin, it is additionally gentle on acne, dry skin, and with no parabens, Vaseline intensive care hand and body lotion Cocoa Radiant 20. 3 is a natural post-meal ornam-up tenderer, be sure to sound out the other benefits too- 2 pk Vaseline intensive care Cocoa Radiant body lotion 20. 3 oz is isrepublic-authorized! This well-rounded hand and body lotion features Cocoa paste content to give a Radiant feel, the buttery feel is what you for? The intensive care line is filled with soulful ingredients such as vegetables and to soothe your skin. On the left side of the bottle, the body butters down to the line between cream and liquid and then smooths it out, it comes in an 20. 3 oz, this unique and unique flavor acerola body butter is a first-rate surrogate for suitors wanting for a luxurious and luxurious feel. Featuring a rich, amber flavor, Vaseline intensive care Cocoa Radiant body gel oil, 6, 8 is sensational for use in an intimate setting. Enjoy this rich and luxurious product today.