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Super Soft Body Butter Shea Butter And Coconut Oil Bath And Body Works

Looking for a refreshing bath experience but avoid too much water? our soft body butter and shea butter make this a no-brainer! These natural ingredients will help to soothe and protect your skin, while the sweet coconut oil gives a indulgent touch. Fill your bath with the super soft body butter and shea butter set, and feel confident in your luxurious state!

Pink Cashmere Body Butter

Do you love the smell of pink cashmere? if you do, you're going to love this body butter! It has a slightly sweet smell and is very gentle on the skin. It's also lightweight and gentle on the heart. What's more, it doesn't caused dryness or irritation on the skin.

Super Soft Body Butter Pink Cashmere

This body work set is perfect for those who are looking for a soft and smooth body care. The set comes with a body wash and butter set. This set is perfect for those who are looking for a simple and elegant look in the bath. this 2-pack of super soft body butter and body wash set from bath and body works is just what you need when you need a relaxing, conditioning bath. The soft butter and coconut oil feel great on your skin, and the shea butter is also great for keeping your skin feeling soft and smooth. This set is perfect for a relaxing bath or body work out! this body work has it all- soft body butter, rich shea butter, and a touch of coconut oil. Best of all, it smells great too! The bath and body work has a warm, vanilla-scent to it, making it a perfect choice for a hot, humid day. this body works set is the perfect way to get super soft and inviting to body care. The shea butter and coconut oil bath and body works is perfect for your body from top to bottom. The body works set comes with two body washes (vanilla and soft body) and a body butter.