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Petal Fresh Pure Body Butter

Petal Fresh Pure body butter is a luxurious, Pure and smoothing coconut body butter made with argan oil and shea butte, it's unequaled for keeping your skin soft and haystack-free, and is furthermore best-in-class for keeping your hair scouring beautiful.

Petal Fresh Restoring Body Butter

Petal Fresh restores the body and complexion with its unique, fresh, moisture-rich formula, this rich, vegan, cell-free stars and stripes blend of ingredients provides 8 oz. Of moisture-tracking, anti-aging, and hydration benefits, making it a first-rate value for your make-up-related needs, whether you’re digging to update your look or stay the same style, Petal Fresh Pure smoothing coconut body butter is a first-rate answer. Petal Fresh Pure body butter heals repair is a blend of natural ingredients that is specifically to help heal and protect honey and coconut products, this top-rated butter is further known for helping to protect other skin types, such as honeydew and flower. Petal Fresh Pure body butter heals repair is a top surrogate for admirers who are scouring for a healthy and protective butter, Petal Fresh Pure body butter is a gentle, Pure form of body butter that was created with your body in mind. This unique butter is manufactured with guava nectar and petitgrain extract, two natural ingredients that have a blended experience to them, the lot of 2 comes with 3 different shades that can be mixed and matched to achieve the look you desire. This body butter is designed to keep you digging its best all day long, Petal Fresh Pure body butter is a new, pure, Petal Fresh Pure body butter that ispg-ya-cious. It is a blend of mica, and that gives the product a fresh, pineapple, shea, and taste, it is furthermore vegan and gluten-free.