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Cocoa Body Butter

Helene Cocoa butter face creme is a first-rate blend of, queen helene Cocoa butter face creme, Cocoa butter, and shea butter, this all into one product for a perfect, buttery feel and look. Our is our own, non-toxic and all-natural, our butter is gf and gluten-free. Lastly, our product is manufactured with all-natural ingredients that cannot be found in any other store, we take pride in making sure our product is the best quality and that you are left with a top skin experience.

Cocoa Body Butter Ebay

Cocoa body butter is manufactured of pure, organic, natural, and unrefined pure prime puffed wafers, the wafers are therefore the most surface-drying ever. They are also the most pure, all-natural, and unrefined pure prime puffed wafers, Cocoa body butter is a top-grade alternative for skin care needs as it is pure, organic, and natural. This is a raw, african-influenced Cocoa that is excellent for people, it's unrefined, pure, and you can enjoy the flavors all you want. This is an 100% organic Cocoa for you, best-in-class for the individual that wants to show their own unique flavor profile, Cocoa body butter is a line of high-quality face cream that was created by queen helene. This cream is designed to soothe and protect the skin, while providing hours of service through the day, it's first-class for lovers who ache for a top-notch complexion but don't want to go over the high price point. This cream is a15 oz cream, which makes it basic to operate and provides hours of service, this Cocoa body butter formula is produced with a combination of Cocoa butter and vitamin which gives it an unrivaled degree of bringing out the beauty and conveyed life in products.